Collaboration is at the Core of Exceptional Design

Figma's Director of Design on the Design Process & Journey

Design proliferates our lives. From the iPod click wheel, to the shoes you wear (big Air Max fan myself), even the water bottle you sip from, everything you use has been specifically ideated, designed, manufactured and probably gone through several iterations of that cycle before you came to own it.

“The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design.” — Adam Judge, author

For a large time design was largely hardware based.. in the physical world. But since the rise of the Internet in the early 90’s, our definition of product design has expanded to the digital and software products we use in our day to day lives.

Smartphones were the big unlock in User Interaction/ User Experience (UI/UX) product design. Now, instead of using a mouse or a trackpad, the finger could be used to swipe, tap, hold & carry out other functions on your touchscreen. This led to companies dedicating more resources tweaking and perfecting the design and functionality of the mobile ecosystem, prioritizing user needs as they built products.

The growth of the UI/UX industry has brought about increased relevancy & sophistication. For a long time, however it lacked a single tool that could have the best of all worlds, from creating mockups, to prototyping, while having teams collaborate on a single file.

Figma was just that killer design software that brought immense value to designers, in being able to collaborate in real-time and most importantly, they could do most of their design work inside a single tool.

The company has seen wild success since its launch in early 2016, recently nabbing a $50 million Series D financing. So what goes in to building such an innovative design platform aiming to become the “Google Docs” of Design?

Well, our guest Noah Levin knows a thing or two about that.

Noah, Director of Design at Figma, shares his early passion for design, his varied design experiences at ClassPass & Google, joining Figma and building the highly talented teams making design accessible to everyone!

This should be a fun one for anyone who loves design across the physical & digital world!

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