Resurrecting the Intimacy of Audio

Storytelling feels more earnest through audio, and the numbers show

This past year has been a woozy, and with all the ‘Zoom Fatigue’ going around, people want a meaningful method to connect with friends and family, with none of the draining and laggy traits of a Zoom call.

Well, what’s the alternative?

The most trending apps on the App Store could shed some light..

Audio seems to be just that platform and the meteoric rise of Clubhouse, a company started just over a year ago, is an indication of the interest in audio as a social platform has seen through the year of the pandemic.

The app is a one of a kind audio social networking platform, where people can jump into audio rooms and can discuss wide ranging topics, and has been already downloaded nearly 4 million times in the last month alone!

So, there’s definitely something in audio that allows people to connect more viscerally.

Amelia Lin, the entrepreneur we spoke to recently on Things Have Changed, is leveraging audio as a means of communication and let me tell you - she’s doing a damn fine job at it!

Saga aims to save and share family stories in a comfortable and easy to use app. It’s like a private family podcast full of stories and experiences. You can actually hear how engrossed we at THC were, listening to Amelia narrate her incredible family struggles in their journey to the western world.

Tune in to hear how the Saga aims to bring back the the intimacy of the spoken word.

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