Toucan - Learning a new language while you browse

There's a new Chrome Extension in town

According to Kommando Tech, there are about 4.5 Billion users of the internet (More than half of the world population) and about 64% of those users access the internet through Google Chrome. There are a lot of eyes on Google Chrome, yet there are very few companies that take advantage of Google Chrome Extension Market.

In 2019 there were over 1.23 billion installs across the 188,620 extensions BUT... 87% of Chrome extensions have fewer than 1,000 installs. However, there are just 13 extensions that have surpassed 10-million users. Why is it that with so many extensions only 13 hit wide adoption. Well we’re not sure, but what we are sure about is that there’s a new extension looking to join that small group… JoinToucan.

JoinToucan is a brilliantly designed extension that allows your browser to serve you micro-moments of learning as you browse the web. What does that mira like? Just like that! It interchanges certain words that your brain will pick up subconsciously as you go about your day. Co-founder and CEO of Toucan, Taylor Nieman, wanted to find a way to teach people new skills, but not take away time and energy from their daily tasks.

In a time when apps and sites are fighting for your attention, Toucan is a seamless, unnoticeable extension that teaches you while you surf the web.

Try out Toucan to brush up on your Español, Français, or Italiano!